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We are working on the actuated whiskers/feathers by terripeters
August 17, 2009, 5:36 pm
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Yesterday and today we have been looking at the design and movements of the SMA actuated feathers.  Today we continued to design and analyze the performance of the feathers, testing them with the SMA.  I was surprised how faint and soft the movements are.  It is amazing to think we will have more than 700 actuated feathers.  Through testing and experimentation with the materials and movements, we realized we have to be careful to not make the material too heavy, or else they will not move.  This afternoon I began looking at optimizing their shapes to avoid wasting material, and also to try to design the right movement.  Right now we are looking at having maybe three kinds of these actuated ‘feathers’ or ‘whiskers’ that would vary around the installation.   We will be doing more exploration this evening with our four preferred options.  In the meantime we are laser cutting the connector fittings for the SMA piece and for connecting to the bamboo.feathers


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