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Article about Philip Beesley in Mark Magazine this month by terripeters
August 27, 2009, 4:43 pm
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A couple people have asked where to read the new article about Philip Beesley’s work in Mark Magazine. Here is a short excerpt:  

Canadian artist/architect Phillip Beesley’s architecture questions the imbalanced relationship of humans to our environment.  Is experimenting with artificial life technologies the next step in the profession’s digital revolution? ….The dream of creating architecture that moves has always been a preoccupation of architects, long before Archigram’s Walking City and contemporary examples in the digital age by architects such as Zaha Hadid and Asymptote.  And now new buildings are even being designed using animation software, which of course implies movement, but it is perhaps surprising how rarely experimental architecture really does literally respond or move in its environment.  Beesley couldn’t be farther intellectually or formally from architects such had Hadid, with his interests in ethics and emotional responses, but both have an urge to create bespoke, dynamic surfaces using customized digital tools for design and manufacturing.   The critical difference is that while Hadid’s aerodynamic and sculptural works have the aesthetics of movement, Beesley takes the idea in a completely opposite direction.  Rather than starting with a shape or molding an emerging sculptural form, he looks to create a nurturing environment where an ‘architecture’ can breathe and grow. The aesthetics of Beesley’s work are radical; his work goes beyond indicating movement, with a swooping canopy or streamlined form and beyond the expressive responsiveness of a pixilated-looking façade.  Beesley is designing an emergent system, a living architecture, which communicates, adapts and breathes.  As his ambitious kinetic sculptures increase in scale they propose hybrid possibilities as future architecture, pointing to new possibilities for an architectural avant-garde….

Click to read the PDF  philip_beesley_mark_magazine.


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