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Sargasso Fields by terripeters
August 27, 2009, 5:20 pm
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On the first day of the workshop, Philip and Mette gave a really interesting talk about the Sargasso Sea and it’s relationship to the North Atlantic Ocean.  It became a metaphor and point of discussion about living systems and the relationships between layers of living things and ecosystems.   The Sargasso Sea is the only sea without shores, a mysterious ‘sea’ in the ocean, at the heart of the Bermuda triangle.  It has life –in the form of floating Sargassum seaweed and other plants that manage to grow without soil on the surface of the water– that is rich, fertile and diverse.  Recent scientific studies to see what kinds of life inhabit the Sea have shown that there is a wide variety of prokaryotic (bacteria and archaea) life there.

Reflecting on the Sargasso Sea again, after the workshop, I am thinking that the ocean is still a really mysterious place.  The ocean has a microscopic layer of nutrients that feeds itself and there is a cycle of regeneration and growth.  I think our interactive installation named ‘Sargasso Fields’ relates to this metaphor of an undulating, wave-like, flexible structure (like a sea?) that takes nutrients from its environment and relates to both the tides (like our tidal layer) and to the earth (our bamboo layer).

Maybe in the comments section people want to suggest their reading of this?  How does our kinetic installation reflect these ideas? 


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